"Counseling sessions with Kimberly are always something I look forward to. Kimberly is so caring and kind, and her guidance has helped me immensely with rebuilding my relationship with my sister and overcoming depression. I can honestly and gladly say that since starting sessions with Kimberly, I'm much happier now than I have been in years. I've been to several other therapists in the past, and Kimberly is by far the best."  

- Kyle W.

​"Kim has been such a life saver... my daughter enjoys being able to talk with her and work with her so much! She even tells her teacher and friends how excited she is to set get each week. I enjoy knowing that when we meet with her, there is still techniques and skills that I have to learn in working with my daughter, but my daughter learns too that she is not always as correct add she thinks she is. We have, and would, refer Kim to anyone who needs help in your personal and/or family life. She is very easy to talk with and relate to, and so good with ideas and teaching skills for everyday use.​​          -Samara S.

​I met Kimberly through my church. She is a true godsend! I struggle with PTSD from some horrible times in the military and from some harsh life experiences. I've been dragging baggage behind me since childhood that I had never before known how to deal with. Surely, I have managed to live a somewhat normal life, but PTSD has had a severely negative impact on my marriage. It wasn't until I started having sessions with Kimberly did I understand how to use my past as a way to empower myself and learn how to be a good husband, rather than pitty myself and drag my wife down with me. She is a genius!       -Bert H.

"My session with Kim, is by far the best I've ever had. After a marriage that didn't work as planned, I decided to consult with Kim prior to giving it another go. She was very understanding of my concerns and she actually LISTENED to me! I have had consults with other counselors prior to this session and what a difference it makes when you know that your counselor is honestly invested in your situation. She listened to me as if she were my best friend, but never slipped out of being a devoted professional. 
I recommend Kim to anyone who is looking for an honestly productive counselor. 
Not only has she helped me better understand where I am in my life, she is also helping my teen son through a difficult and confusing time of his life. Kim Lohman is top notch!"
​             -Olivia G.

Kim is amazing so understanding and caring. I've been a victim of Domestic Violence for nearly 20 years and for the first time I don't call my self a victim but rather a survivor. Thank you Kim for listening and taking this journey with me. I'm lucky to have you :)  - Shannon J.

"Kimberly is amazing! She works with my 9 year old son. She has been very understanding with situations of discomfort to make my son (and me) feel comfortable. She went above and beyond to put my son at ease in this new experience, trying different environments and activities. This has changed his fear and anger over counseling into excitement for his time with her. I'm so that we found Kimberly. She's truly a blessing!"    -Erica H

I can't begin to say how thankful I was to find Kim. I am going through a divorce at 32 after a affair that was my fault. After taking the personality test which at first I was skeptical I was able to completely open up. I believe the test helped Kim to really get to know me faster and understand some of the situations I was in and how I had gotten there. If there is anyone looking for a great marriage counselor or someone like me who wasn't sure where I was going I would recommend Kim!!!!  - Maloree U.

Kimberly is truly outstanding. I was initially skeptical of the potential for her simple, multiple choice personality test to assist in her counseling, but have since seen the methodical application of the tool. The short and repetitive assessment provides extensive insight into my own personality beyond what I could capably self-report. That is the breakthrough I found in her work. She is skilled in targeting personal issues I had yet to acknowledge in myself, and therefore could not work through before her help. No unnecessary questioning, no wasted time, just proven effective methods delivered by a caring professional.   -Jodi N.

"Kimberly is so caring and made us both comfortable in an uncomfortable situation. We learned a lot from her, and especially liked that she prayed with us at each meeting."   _  Jane R.  

We enjoy working with Kimberly, we are on our way to marriage and we thought premarital counseling would be the best for us. And throughout her practices she's teaching us who we all are. Which is making it better to understand each other. Thank you so much for all of your help and look forward to working with you in the future as well.   -Tyree E.

Kimberly Lohman - Licensed Clinical Pastoral Family and Marriage Counseling in Chandler Arizona

Kimberly Lohman 
​ Marriage, Family, Relationship, Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counseling 

Reviews From Existing and Past Clients


Kimberly is an Awesome counselor that I would definitely recommend to my family and friends and anyone else. She is caring, friendly, straight forward, and down to earth. She has helped me and my family so much.  -Ron J.