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The words, 'everything happens for a reason' are often tossed around and offered when well-meaning friends and family try to help.  While we may not understand it at the time, oftentimes the reasoning behind it taking place is eventually evident.  Paralleling this concept to a beautiful tapestry; If you were to flip it over to the underside, you would see knots, loose strings and a great deal of disorganization.  

As a family, marriage and relationship counselor, the importance of this side is recognized.  It is all too often that we find ourselves locked into confusion, sadness or anger when life is like that side of the rug.  We know there is a beautiful side even though we may not see it at the present time.  

I, too, have experienced my own battles.  One such experience was the diagnosis of cancer which meant surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.  Developing an understanding of myself and my inborn temperament allowed me peace within my relationships and within myself.  As a Counselor and therapist, I want to help you through your personal journey.  

Whether you need relationship therapy, family, marriage counseling, premarital counseling, partners, individual or couples counseling, together, we can examine your inborn temperament and apply that foundation to the counseling. 
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Kimberly Lohman - Licensed Clinical Pastoral Family and Marriage counseling in Chandler

Kimberly Lohman 
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